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Small PCB Manufacturer

If you are looking for a small pcb manufacturer, we can help you. With almost 40 years in the printed circuit board industry, we know that we can offer you what you need. We understand that there is a huge demand for PCBs, which is why we are here to help you.

Did you know that more than $60.2 billion of bare PCBs were sold in 2014? This figure is expected to reach an impressive $79 billion by 2024. We know that we can play an integral part in the bare PCB industry. Contact us today at (602) 866-7227 if you would like us to manufacture high-quality PCBs for you. We are here to help.

How Our Low Volume Small PCB Manufacturing Process Works

Here at Avanti Circuits, we know that you might not always be looking for a large batch of PCBs. We also know that despite ordering a low volume you expect the same quality standards as you would get from a larger batch. When we manufacture low volume small PCBs, we only ever use the methods that we trust. This means that you can rely on us to provide you with the high-quality printed circuit boards that you expect.

We use the same equipment, quality materials, and processes that we use when we manufacture larger batches. Each and every one of your circuit boards will be built to the specifications that you have set out. This is to ensure that all of your requirements are met. We want you to have fully-functioning PCBs for design or testing verification. We know how important it is to be able to rely on your PCBs.

Having printed circuit boards that work well is essential. While you might not be using them as the final product, they need to work well. We happily manufacture printed circuit boards to the same IPC Classes as you would expect when you order a larger volume.

Our standards do not slip just because you require a smaller batch. We don’t think that this would be a good way for us to do business. We want you to be perfectly happy with all of the PCBs you receive. In fact, we put you at the heart of everything that we do. Putting you, our customer first means that you can rest assured that the PCBs you’ve ordered will be what you expect and more. When you receive exactly what you were looking for, you can get on with business. You won’t need to worry about less-than-perfect printed circuit boards, you can work with confidence that you have what you need.

About Small Batch Assembly

Our small batch assembly includes a unique process. This process works to make sure every single printed circuit board is high-quality and works as well as you would expect. Did you know that we also test every single PCB before we ship it to you? We do this because we think that it’s the right thing to do.

Before we begin assembly we will:

– Ask you to send your Gerber files to us

If you do not have any files, do not worry. We can generate design files from drawings, a sample PCB, or a schematic. We have the ability to do this and it means that we can create exactly what you are looking for.

If you do have any Gerber files, we will use them to help us create exactly what you’re looking for. If we have any questions about the files or the design, we will contact you. It’s important that we manufacture printed circuit boards that fulfill everything you need. You can rely on us to help you get exactly what you’re looking for. Please feel free to contact us today at (602) 866-7227 if you have any questions or queries. We are more than happy to help you.

– Provide you with a quote

When you approach us with your files or drawings, etc., we will provide you with a quote. We will take a look at what you need and provide you with the most accurate quote that we can. Of course, if it looks like the price needs to change, we will contact you. We believe in being completely honest with you. This is why you shouldn’t expect to be surprised by the final cost. We think this is the best way to do business, and we think you’ll agree.

– Confirm your file and order

The next stage is for us to confirm that we can work with your file, and start work on your order. We will confirm the file and order with you to make sure that we have everything we need. It also gives you an opportunity to make any changes before manufacturing begins. This means you can fine tune your designs, to make sure you have what you need.

– Part procurement

The next stage of the manufacturing process is part procurement. Here is where we gather together all of the parts and equipment that we need to fulfill your order. Chances are we already have most, if not all of the parts and equipment to hand. When we know that we have everything you need, we will begin. Don’t worry, we will let you know when we have started manufacturing your PCBs. We do this so that you have an idea of the turnaround time.

– Testing and quality control

As soon as your printed circuit boards are manufactured, we will begin testing them. We test every single PCB before we ship it to you. We do this because we think that it’s the right thing to do. We look at every single part on the circuit board to test that it’s where it should be and that it works. We also look at the soldering and other aspects, helping us to detect issues, should there be any. Please note, we will not send any PCB out to you unless it has been completely tested and checked and we’re happy with it. We think it’s only right that we work this way, ensuring you get the high-quality printed circuit boards that you need.

– Packing and Delivery

The final stage is the packing and delivery process. We always take great care to make sure that everything is packaged correctly so that your PCBs arrive in good condition. When it comes to the delivery process, we will let you know when your PCBs have been shipped and when you should expect them.

Some items can be delivered on the same day, depending on their requirements. Please ask us about our delivery process.

Get A Quote

We can give you a quote for your batch of PCBs today. While you can contact us via our website, we also have live representatives who can help you. If you would like to talk to someone about our prices, please call us between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.

If you wish to contact us after hours, please do so via our online quote form. You can attach your Gerber files to the form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Once you have accepted the quote we’ve given you, please make sure that you include the quote number, the number of PCBs you require, and your shipping details. If you do not include this information there will be delays.


Here at Avanti Circuits, we are a small pcb manufacturer that is here to help you. If you would like us to manufacture PCBs for you, please call us today. You can contact us today on (602) 866-7227. Our friendly, trained team of representatives will be more than happy to help you. Please feel free to ask us any questions that you might have. We want to manufacture PCBs that we know you will be more than happy with. Contact us today on (602) 866-7227.