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Multilayer PCB


We specialize in the design and production of multilayer printed circuit boards.

Avanti Circuits is the company you can trust for the best in circuit boards for use in advanced electronics. If you need your PCBs in hand as fast as possible, you can trust Avanti Circuits.

Our highly trained assembly technicians specialize in multilayer circuit boards. They use state-of-the-art multilayer circuit board fabrication equipment to ensure that the finished boards we distribute meet your exacting standards and technical specifications. You will also find that our multilayer PCB price fits your project budget.

Same-day turnaround is available on two-layer PCBs, and 24-hour turnaround is available on multilayer circuit boards. Despite our incredibly quick turnaround, our company takes no shortcuts in fabricating multilayer PCBs. The multilayer PCB fabrication process requires an even higher level of attention to detail than the average printed circuit board. Care must be taken to ensure all layers are correctly registered despite deformations and stresses from by the heat and pressure of the multilayer PCB manufacturing process.

Avanti Circuits is the company to turn to for multilayer PCB design and multilayer PCB board fabrication that meets your project demands. If you’re waiting on multilayer PCBs to bring your product to market, we can help. Call us toll-free at (888) 595-8876 or submit your design online for a fast and accurate quote. To minimize the cost and turn of your PCB order, we recommend you speak with one of our PCB design and manufacturing experts. Our experts can consult with you about the design and specifications of your multilayer circuit board to achieve the capabilities, performance, and cost you are expecting.

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