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Importance of ITAR in the PCB Industry

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When running any kind of industry, you want to create quality product for your customers—and, of course, you want to stay within the confines of the law. For those whose industry incorporates the use of PCB for one reason or another, here’s what you need to know about ITAR and PCB, and the connection between them.

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What Is ITAR?

ITAR is a system of restrictions and controls placed on any products that are related to defense, are being imported or exported, and pose a security or intelligence risk for the United States and its citizens. It also places restrictions for the sake of protecting intellectual property that may be at risk and the interests of those who have developed the items in question. Products that may be on their way out of the US will have to pass ITAR registration and compliance if they are related to specific industries. This often includes PCB products, which are strongly associated with the firearms industry.

Why PCB Is Restricted

There are a range of industry categories, not just firearms, that include the use of PCB and require ITAR compliance before export. These industries also include imaging equipment, aircraft, fire control systems, equipment traded for military purposes, nuclear management systems, missile guidance systems, laser equipment, and many more. It doesn’t take long to recognize the range of industries that work with more sensitive information or more dangerous equipment. As PCB is related to these industries, this is often what leads to it being a restricted product in itself.

Why Stick to ITAR Compliance

The legality is clear: You want to make sure you’re operating inside the bounds of the law in your particular industry. You also want to avoid any associated extra penalties that your business may incur from not meeting ITAR compliance regulations. It can lead to better security of information, including intellectual property. It also gives you the peace of mind to know that you are remaining in full compliance with the law regarding imports and exports. In compliance with ITAR, PCB industries can know they’re functioning in the proper bounds of the law.