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What is a Quick Turn PCB?

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Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Quick Turn PCBs, brought to you by Avanti Circuits, the industry leader in offering a plethora of services including Quick Turn PCB, Production PCB, Prototype PCB, and much more. In this article, we delve deep into the realm of Quick Turn PCBs, explaining their necessity, benefits, and why Avanti Circuits should be your go-to choice for all your PCB needs. Let’s embark on this informative journey to better understand the nuances of PCB and how it stands as a pivotal component in the electronics industry.

Quick Turn PCB Board

It is now more important than ever before to save as much time as possible. We live in a fast-paced world which is why ensure we can offer you a quick turn printed circuit board (PCB).

A quick turn PCB ensures that a customer has their printed circuit board faster than ever before.

A quick turn PCB can:

  • Reduce delays - This ensures the customer does not have to wait quite as long for their desired PCB.
  • Reduce manufacturing times - Manufacturing can traditionally take a lot of time. However, the process is decreased.


Here at Avanti Circuits, we can offer you a prototype PCB. A prototype features a pattern that was used on another version of a PCB. Prototypes are used for inspection so that the customer can make adjustments to it should they need to.

PCB Prototypes are often used to help manufacturers determine if there are any defects in the original PCB. It allows us to improve efficiency and performance. Once a PCB has been made it is hard to make changes, this is why prototypes are crucial.

The Manufacturing Process

PCB’s can be turned around in just 24 hours in some cases. This allows the customer to save money on manufacturing the PCB themselves. It also allows them to concentrate on other aspects of their work.

The Assembly Process

It can take just 24 hours to ensure a PCB is assembled for a customer. We understand that time is of the essence which is why we ensure all of our PCB’s are manufactured quickly.

In order for the assembly process to be undertaken quickly the PCB’s design needs to be fastened. There are different assembly types available such as:

  • Mixed technology. This is a combination of the thru-hole and surface mount.
  • Single or double-sided placement. This is where the manufacturer places the components on 1 or both sides of the circuit board.
  • Surface mount. This is known as “SMT” by many manufacturers.
  • Thru-hole.

During the assembly, different solder types can be used. Once the assembly process is complete the PCB is inspected to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

Understanding Quick Turn PCBs

When we say PCB, we're referring to the fundamental platform for supporting and connecting electronic components. The Quick Turn PCB elevates this by speeding up the production process without compromising quality.

Definition of Quick Turn PCB

A Quick Turn PCB is a rapid prototyping service, tailored for designers and manufacturers who need PCBs produced in a short timeframe. But what sets a Quick Turn PCB apart from the traditional PCB? It's all in the turnaround time.

The Need for Quick Turn PCBs

In a digital age, delays can cost significantly. Quick Turn PCBs address this by offering swift production cycles, enabling businesses to test their designs promptly and make necessary adjustments. With innovations accelerating, the ability to produce, iterate, and deploy is a game-changer.

Components and Structure of a Quick Turn PCB

Just like any standard PCB, a Quick Turn PCB is composed of layers, traces, pads, and components. The difference? Its production process is expedited, using advanced equipment and techniques that Avanti Circuits has mastered over the years.

Benefits of Using Quick Turn PCBs

Speeding Up the Prototyping Process

The essence of a Quick Turn PCB lies in its speed. Businesses can rapidly prototype, test, and iterate their designs. This agility accelerates product launches and gives companies a competitive edge.

Reducing Downtime in Manufacturing

No one likes downtime. In PCB manufacturing, it can be costly. The Quick Turn PCB minimizes this downtime, ensuring production lines remain active and output stays consistent.

Ensuring Quality Despite Quick Turnaround

A misconception exists that speed compromises quality. With Avanti's Quick Turn PCB service, this couldn't be further from the truth. We've streamlined our processes to ensure that our PCBs maintain the highest quality, regardless of how quickly they're produced.

Quick Turn PCB Products at Avanti Circuits

Delve deeper into our offerings, and you'll find an array of PCB services designed to cater to various needs.

Product Range Overview

Beyond the Quick Turn PCB, Avanti Circuits also offers PRODUCTION PCB, PROTOTYPE PCB, MULTILAYER PCB, and a range of tools such as the PCB DESIGN GRID. Our PCB GLOSSARY and sections on PCB FACTS and MOST COMMONLY USED TERMS serve as resources for both novices and experts.

Features and Specifications

Each PCB type, including the Quick Turn PCB, has its unique set of features. For instance, our Multilayer PCB is tailored for complex circuits, ensuring efficiency and compactness. On the other hand, our Prototype PCB is designed for testing before mass production.

Customization Options

Understanding that every project has distinct requirements, Avanti Circuits offers customization for every PCB type. Be it a specific layer count, material choice, or finish type for your Quick Turn PCB, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Avanti Circuits

Choosing a PCB manufacturer isn't just about the product; it's about the entire experience.

Expertise and Experience

With years in the industry, Avanti Circuits has honed its craft in PCB manufacturing. Our seasoned team ensures every PCB, be it Quick Turn or Prototype, meets the industry's highest standards.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

Our commitment to quality is evident in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. With cutting-edge equipment, we can produce PCBs, including Quick Turn PCBs, with precision and efficiency.

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

Our clients' success speaks volumes. From startups to tech giants, our PCBs have played a pivotal role in numerous innovations. Check out our testimonials to learn more.

Professional Standards

Prototype boards need to reflect exactly what the PCB would look and behave like. Therefore, it is essential that professional standards are used. One such standard is the IPC class 2 specification.

These specifications ensure that every single product that has been created is to a high standard. You can, therefore, trust Avanti Circuits to produce high-quality printed circuit boards.

We always ensure that all of our PCB’s whether they’re prototypes or finished boards are of good quality and they meet our strict criteria.

Quick turn PCB’s can save time while ensuring that any errors are spotted before the final manufacturing process. This means you can have your order delivered to you quickly and with confidence.

Here at Avanti Circuits, we know how important it is for you to be able to rely on us. This is why we are proud to manufacture high-quality PCB’s each and every time.

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