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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers Near Me

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Having difficulties obtaining a custom-made printed circuit board made in the USA is a thing of the past with Avanti Circuits. Our team of sharp circuit board technicians takes pride in designing and building high-quality printed circuit boards that are not only incredibly durable but modernized for all kinds of industrial, agricultural, commercial, or even residential use.

With over 39 years in business building immaculate printed circuit boards, our team strives to continuously outdo themselves and try to make each board better than the last. Avanti Circuits has copious amounts of firsthand industry knowledge and tactics as well as a goal to provide these essential electronic components to businesses and individuals nationwide.

About Our PCB Manufacturing Services

Printed Circuit Board

A microcontroller on an electronic board

Printed circuit boards are complex devices and require a lot of knowledge and experience in order to properly manufacture quality pieces. Our technicians here at Avanti Circuits are responsible for designing and assembling printed circuit boards near you. They all possess the education, skillset, and proper training to create amazing PCBs.

The printed circuit board manufacturing process starts with one of our talented technicians designing the board. This includes deciding on the thickness and type of copper and polymer, how many layers the board needs, what components will be mounted on the board, as well as continuity pathways.

The design is then sent off to one of our assembly teams. This team is responsible for assembling all of the circuit boards components in accordance with the design and making sure that everything works together as it should.

Our printed circuit boards are handled with care and are made surgically by seasoned professionals that are driven by passion and excellence. In addition, our boards are made right here in the United States.

We strive to continue building our prestigious reputation among the nation for providing some of the highest-quality printed circuit boards. With progressive training year after year and keeping up with modern technological improvements and upgrades, we are sure to be your most favorable option when the need for a custom reliable printed circuit board presents itself.

Quality printed circuit boards near you are just one call away. Receive a quality circuit board designed and built custom to your needs with the help of our expert service professionals. Our team is dedicated to providing valuable circuit board manufacturing services nationwide so business owners, industry leaders, and consumers can all reap the benefits from a quality circuit board made with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Benefits Of Using Our Manufacturing Services

When you utilize our professional PCB manufacturing services you will instantly realize the number of benefits that come with our team. From custom design preferences to quality manufacturing processes that come right from the heart of the United States our team is dedicated to providing excellent service as well as reliable printed circuit boards near you.

Our team here at Avanti Circuits work with your best interest in mind meaning we don’t cut corners and we work thoroughly to produce a circuit board exactly as you need. As a leading PCB supplier in the United States, we prioritize quality and swift delivery so you can get started as quickly as possible. Our range of diverse capabilities allows for specific customization options on your printed circuit board such as a wide range of layer counts, multiple stiffeners and materials, thickness options, many finish plating choices, a variety of board sizes, and more.

We specialize in quick-turn, in-house PCB manufacturing. In addition, we offer fast online quotes, a variety of finishes and materials, and prototype and full production PCBs.

We’ve created wonderful PCBs for over three decades now so our precise technicians know their way around a circuit board. All of our wonderful technicians hold a fine-tuned skillset to create some of the best circuit boards in the industry. Our goal is to provide all of the United States with more efficient, personalized, and higher-grade printed circuit boards. Whether it be for personal projects or commercial and industrial use, our boards are built with care.

PCB Testimonials

The hundreds of satisfied customers we’ve manufactured printed circuit boards for back the quality of our work as well as the turnaround time. Large companies, industry leaders, and small businesses all benefit from a reliable printed circuit board manufacturer like Avanti Circuits. Whether you’re needing new equipment for your IT department or looking for an upgrade in quality and efficiency, our circuit boards are the solution you’ve been looking for.

We are proud to be business partners with hundreds of reputable business owners all across the United States and hope that we can deliver our highly valuable services to as many that can benefit from them as we can. We do our absolute best to be an asset to your team when it comes to providing printed circuit boards.

In addition, our team works hard to uphold our solid reputation of being one of the printed circuit board industry’s leaders. We are passionate about our work and continue to work towards achieving our ambition of becoming the top printed circuit board manufacturer in the United States.

Below you will find several testimonials from our many beloved and satisfied customers that have used our services in the past. We appreciate our current business partners and are eager to cultivate professional relationships with new businesses.


We thank you for taking your time to learn more about our incredible printed circuit board manufacturing services, if you have any questions about our capabilities, customization options, manufacturing processes, hours of operation, PCB consultation, or serviceable areas within the United States, feel free to pick up the phone and give our friendly support staff a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and hope to provide quality boards for your company in the near future!


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