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PCB Manufacturers in USA

Manufacturing printed circuit boards is not an easy process. Specialist machinery and techniques are needed to create high-quality printed circuit boards. In addition to this, every aspect of a printed circuit board needs to be precise. There can be no mistakes or manufacturing errors. It is, therefore, essential that you find the best pcb manufacturers in usa.

The best pcb manufacturer also needs to sell printed circuit boards that are the perfect fit. Again, this can be hard to produce. This is why you should only ever opt for the best manufacturers in this county. When you work with the best manufacturers you can expect to receive very high-quality products that work as well as you’d expect.

Let’s take a look at some of the top PCB suppliers in the USA:

Top PCB Suppliers


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Avanti Circuits is a manufacturer that has more than 35 years of experience. Every single circuit board that they produce will be tested and inspected before they are shipped. This ensures that their customers are happy with the products they receive. With the ability to produce PCB without a contract, a minimum specification, or a non-recurring engineering review, ordering is made very easy. There is no complicated ordering process, which makes things easier for the buyer if they need a quick turnaround.

Avanti Circuits manufactures PCBs for the aerospace, military, automotive, and medical industries. Offering fast turnarounds, low minimums, a diverse range of capabilities, and competitive pricing, Avanti Circuits works to produce some of the best printed circuit boards around.

Known to be this country’s leading manufacturer of high-quality PCBs, if you need some printed circuit boards, Avanti Circuits is a manufacturer that is worth considering.


Found in China but with facilities located in the United States, PCB Cart has more than 10 years of experience in the printed circuit board industry. Specializing in high-quality and full-range fabrication and assembly, this company also offers component sourcing services. For the consumer, this means that they can purchase PCB parts from leading distributors. This potentially means that consumers can receive high-quality printed circuit boards at a reduced price.

Other services offered by PCB cart include quick turnaround PCBs, PCB assembly, the manufacturing of circuit boards, and rapid PCB prototyping. Adhering to stringent standards, all PCBs that are manufactured are made to achieve a range of standards. These standards are from IPC1 compliance to IPC3 standards and the IPC2 quality standard. In addition to this, free design for manufacturability (DFM) tests are carried out.


Located in Colorado, Arizona, and Minnesota, Advanced Circuits offers quick turn services. Considered to be the 3rd largest PCB manufacturer in the United States, this manufacturer offers instant PCB quotes and no minimum orders. Complete with waived tooling charges, they also offer their customers free PCB design software in addition to a free file check.

Known to have the best shipping record in the PCB manufacturing industry, Advanced Circuits reviews all files before they are sent to fabrication. This ensures that only PCBs that work and have few to no errors are produced.


Found in Phoenix Arizona, but with manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan, Redboard Circuits offers a range of services. Whether you’re looking for mass-produced PCBs, quick turn around or a small quantity, they could help you. Every factory manufactures its PCBs to the highest standards. This ensures that the PCBs are more likely to perform well and have fewer errors.

With the ability to build some of the most technologically advanced printed circuit boards around, this manufacturer could offer you what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for the best pcb manufacturers in usa, please consider all of the above manufacturers. They can help you get the printed circuit boards you need so you can sell your products with pride.