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PCB Fabrication Service

Avanti Circuits is one of the elite printed circuit board manufacturers in the United States. Located in Arizona, we pride ourselves on quick and seamless communication as well as speedy shipping times as well as high-quality production. Our PCB fabrication services are great for businesses looking to prototype a product or automate a service or individuals looking to work on a project. Either way, when you partner up with our team of professionals here at Avanti Circuit you be happy to have a reliable, friendly, and dedicated group of experts at your side to carry out any printed circuit board fabrication services you require.

We value the professional relationships we build with our business partners and clients and do our best to provide some of the best printed circuit board fabrication services in the industry. We are dedicated to excellence in our field of work and believe that our work helps shape the future.


Our professional printed circuit board fabrication services are available for individuals and businesses across the nation. We use some state-of-the-art machinery and procedures to craft these high-quality works of art. In addition to our quality equipment and machinery, our expert printed circuit board architects are incredibly skilled and passionate in their line of work. We take the printed circuit board fabrication process to the next level by utilizing effective communication and masterful tactics. Here at Avanti Circuits, we prepare the ideal design for the PCB you require and carry out a thorough quality inspection regiment for each layer of your board.

Due to our location in the United States, we are able to offer consumers and businesses across the nation quicker shipping and delivery speeds as well as higher quality than an overseas manufacturer. We take pride in the edge over our competitors and do our absolute best to achieve pinnacle customer satisfaction with every printed circuit board fabrication and assembly project.

Our fabrication capabilities are top-notch meaning we offer multilayer printed circuit boards in different thicknesses and surface finishes. So whether you need a simple single-layer printed circuit board for a more straightforward electronic project or a multilayer printed circuit board for a more complex and elaborate plan, our team of circuit board professionals here at Avanti Circuits has you covered.


There is a range of benefits to utilizing Avanti Circuit’s printed circuit board fabrication services. Not only do we use state-of-the-art machinery and processes to produce some of the highest-quality printed circuit boards around but we are also located within the United States which makes communication simple and drastically reduces the amount of shipping and delivery times compared to some overseas printed circuit board manufacturers. Our staff here at Avanti Circuits care deeply for the quality of products they fabricate and for your satisfaction. Because of this, we’ve built a rather high standard for ourselves in the printed circuit board fabrication industry. Our top-tier PCBs are made with full effective communication between our production team, design team, and you or your company. We solved the problems that many overseas manufacturers face and are proud of each electronic component we put out.

We specialize in fabricating all kinds of printed circuit boards, from simple single layer boards to multilayer and turnkey PCBs. With over 40 years of printed circuit board manufacturing, our quality speaks for itself. Take it from our long time clients in the medical industry, aerospace industry, automotive industry, and even the military. We work hard to provide the key components to all electronics that shape our future. If you have any questions about the benefits of choosing a domestic printed circuit board manufacturer over an overseas one we’d be happy to answer over email or phone call!


Choosing the high-quality all-American route of printed circuit board manufacturing will have your future self thanking you. With reliable and effective communication at your side, we’re sure we’ll produce a printed circuit board that will exceed your expectations and serve you for years to come.

To order a specific printed circuit board design from Avanti Circuits, fill out our fast and free PCB quote so we can get an idea of what you are looking to be produced and provide you with an upfront monetary expectation so that you know exactly what’s to come.

Our team will then guide you through the ordering process in order to meet every detail you need as well as any specifics you have in mind. In addition, we offer quick turnaround times so be sure to ask about 24-hour and next-day expedited delivery. We want you to be able to put your new printed circuit board(s) to use as soon as possible!

As one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturers in the United States, leave it to Avanti Circuits to fulfill your PCB production and prototype needs at a competitive price.

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