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Avanti Circuits Launches New and Improved Website

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Avanti Circuits

Phoenix, AZ

United States

(602) 866-7227


Phoenix, AZ- For over 35 years, Avanti Circuits has been a prominent leader in the technological community of Phoenix, Arizona and beyond. Since 1982 they have been developing a stable and dependable brand for the manufacturing of quality printed circuit boards (PCB). The company also prides itself on the fact that it is veteran-owned and that all their products are American-made. In a recent large scale effort, part of which focused on improving overall customer experience, Avanti Circuits has launched a new and improved website.

Through their new website, visitors to the site can explore a variety of options to find all the information that they need. On the site, new customers can learn about the history and mission of the company and learn about their core values as explained on the site by CEO and Owner of Avanti Circuits, Jim Keaton. The company is dedicated to building strong and lasting relationships with their customers. By updating their website, they sought to make the online presence both more efficient as well as more engaging. This is to improve customer’s experience while shopping with their company.

Also available on the company’s brand new site is selected information about their ordering process, This includes information about how to reduce costs with orders and even how to get a PCB quote. Customers can learn about Avanti Circuit’s special referral program. If used, users can receive discounts on future orders.

For those that want to conduct research and learn more about the different types of printed circuit board that the company offers, their website includes instructional materials on a variety of PCB such as Production PCB, Quick Turn PCB, Multilayer PCB, and Prototype PCB. Visitors to the site can also learn more about PCB Grid design as well as access a wealth of general facts about the boards, their history, and popular uses. For special reference, visitors can also access a glossary of concepts and list of commonly used terms related to the products and the industry.

Those that desire additional information from the company can fill out a contact form on the new website. Potential customers can get in touch directly with a team member who can answer their questions. Avanti Circuits hope that their new website will better connect their products with customers.

Contact: Jim Keaton